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Raves for Coaches Jeanna and Eva

What if …you learned how to deliberately focus your thoughts and actions in a way that attraction principles led to you manifesting your most important goals?

You may think you have to work hard and long to reach the things you want in life. Not true!

We're here to prove that you can begin enjoying everything you want in life NOW. Not later or someday. Right now! And without struggle!  We’re not just talking theory! We put you smack dab into the heart of what you want and give specific steps and exercises.

We are BIG advocates of taking inspired actions. If it ain’t fun, then you need to find another route. Your emotions never lie! They are your barometer to know if what you are feeling and doing is working for you or against you.

To have a life filled with Prosperity and Abundance is your birthright! It's not something you have to wish for ... strive for ... or pray for. It's already yours! You just have to accept it.

And we're going to show you how to do exactly that! Learn to live the ultimate lifestyle you've always dreamed about ... starting TODAY.  The Law of Attraction is always working in your life.

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"You are doing a very great service as you are helping people to understand that they are the creator of their own reality... There is great love here for you." – Abraham excerpted from interview on The Jeanna And Eva Show. Click here to hear an audio excerpt.


We will teach you to financially prosper by mixing up a big dose of strategy, attraction principles, fun and a ton of energy. 

Discover that abundance is not just a word --
It's a Way of Life!

Go beyond your edge to fly!

WARNING: If you think that you have to work hard to reach your dreams, we will challenge the very core of those beliefs.